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Braizon Therapeutics Inc.

Braizon Therapeutics

Under existing BBB, it inhibits the delivery of many drugs into the brain thus preventing sufficient therapeutics effects. We aim to commercialize the technology for crossing BBB via Glucose transporter 1 by glycosylated Nanomachine including a drug.

Kowa Company Ltd.

Kowa Company Ltd.

Since its founding in 1894, Kowa Group has grown with more than a 100-year history. The Kowa Group, which has its bases and markets at home and abroad as a conglomerate enterprise compounded of manufacturers and trading company, has developed activities in various business fields. In the pharmaceutical division, we research, develop and manufacture OTC drugs, life support products, dietary supplements, drink, medical device and ethical drugs to contribute to your better health and more comfortable life.

NanoCarrier Company Ltd.

NanoCarrier Company Ltd.

Taking advantage of the clinical development experience worldwide in nanomicelle-type pharmaceutical, in collaboration with the National Cancer Research Center, we are challenging to research and develop novel antibody-conjugated nanomachines to establish the therapies targeting refractory cancer such as brain tumor where urgent medical needs exist.

NANOEGG Research Laboratories,inc. NANOEGG® Research Laboratories,inc.

NANOEGG Research Laboratories,inc.

Based on the research of “Transdermal Delivery System”, our goal is to realize a medical society that does not use injection needles. We challenge realization of treatment that was difficult until now, such as cancer treatment at home, realization of eye drop treatment of retinal disease with aging, vaccine development just to paint on skin, atopic dermatitis treatment that lowers QOL, We will contribute to medical innovation.

Nikon Company Ltd.

Nikon Company Ltd.



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SBI Pharma SBI Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd.

SBI Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd.

SBI Pharmaceuticals transferred the laboratory from KOBE to iCONM in KAWASAKI in March, 2018 as the core of the Research & Development. The laboratory is conducting advanced and creative R&D, aiming to utilize 5-ALA in the fields of Medicine, Cosmetics and Health foods.