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A University Student Internship Took Place on August 17

Two students, a junior from Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics and a sophomore from Senshu University School of Economics, took part in an internship on Wednesday, August 17.

The students visited the Magnet Area, Confocal Microscope Room and Machining Room, and were able to experience and observe facilities and equipment that they usually do not come into contact with, as well as the work that the research associates and their support staff put in. The opportunity allowed them to observe a system where industry, academia and government worked in harmony, and they listened attentively to the explanations related to the world-class research taking place on cancer and other intractable diseases.

Later on, the students individually created and subsequently presented posters on the positive aspects of iCONM. The students gave the following responses: “We were told that it’s rare for the four areas of Biological Experiments, Materials Evaluation, Synthesis Experiments and a Clean Room to be concentrated in one building, and I was fascinated by the fact that they are integrated to create a connection between humans and technology,” and “Research that wows the world using cutting-edge machinery, science and technology takes place here every day, and I thought that it was amazing that Kawasaki’s medical technology is taking flight towards the world stage.” They were able to take part in a valuable experience, and it was a very fruitful visit.

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