Privacy Policy

KAWASAKI INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PROMOTION (hereinafter referred to as “IIP KAWASAKI”) hereby establishes the following policy to the handling of private information (Personal identifiable information).

1. Acquisition of personal information

IIP KAWASAKI states the purpose of acquiring personal information to users and obtains their permission to use the personal information for the stated purpose.

2. Use of personal information

IIP KAWASAKI shall not use personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected within the limits of clearly defined objectives.

3. Restriction of provision to third parties

IIP KAWASAKI does not disclose users’ personal information to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of user with except in the case when complying with laws and regulations.

4. Management of personal information

IIP KAWASAKI maintains appropriate safety management on information security to implement countermeasures against unauthorized access or computer virus to prevent personal information from loss, damage, falsification, leak or outflow in accordance to applicable laws, regulations and internal management outline on protection of personal information. In the case when IIP KAWASAKI outsources a part of its operations pertaining to personal information within the scope of the purpose of utilization, IIP KAWASAKI supervises and manages its supplier companies.

5. Disclosure and collections of personal information

IIP KAWASAKI conducts prompt investigation and complies with the following request from users concerning their personal data held by IIP KAWASAKI: 1) Request for disclosure; 2) Request for confirmation; 3) Request for correction; 4) Request for cessation of use; and 5) Request for deletion.

6. Organizational structure

To improves fair organizational administration system on acquisition, management and use of personal information, IIP KAWASAKI assign a person in charge of personal information protection. IIP KAWASAKI conducts appropriate management education on personal information to board members and staff.

7. Other

IIP KAWASAKI shall continuously strive to improve this privacy policy.

April 1, 2006