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Summer Science Event 2017 was held at KingSkyfront!

On Wednesday, August 2, the 5th KingSkyfront Summer Science Event was held with about 1,200 parents and children and more than 300 people came to our center.

This event is mainly for primary school children to experience the enjoyment of science and companies which enter and/or related KingSkyfront exhibited all together 25 event booths while taking advantage of each feature.

At our center, we conducted a lecture about in body hospital and activities through conversation with non-Japanese researchers "What is in body hospital?” and also clean room experience, where normally we are not able to get in, was carried out where normally we are not able to get in.

Nano Egg Co., Ltd. carried out an event that everyone could experience making various fragrant soap “Let’s make your own hand soap” and it was very successful so that all the numbered tickets have disappeared fastest among the 25 booths.

Also, Nikon Co., Ltd. offered places for various microscope experiences and a binocular experience as last year. Especially in the microscope experience, it was support by OB who have been engaged in the development of many microscopes. Parents and children had an opportunity to know more about the world of microscopes that could not be learned at school, the long lines were never interrupted.

The children seemed to face the cutting edge science and technology very attentively. We were pleased to see so many families and children could experience valuable opportunities at iCONM which is held every year. Thank you very much for your visit.

iCONM Event program
A researcher explaines "In body hospital"
Get "In body hospital" parts from foreign researcher
"In body hospital" capsul made by hands
Attend a lecture on clean room
Can you see a precision parts made in the room?
Challenged a soap making at NanoEgg
Look for buildings on the other side with binoculars
The microscope section was also very popular
Lecture on hand washing at ANA Catering Service at east KSF

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