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【November visitors record】 Delegation of Thai JICA Project and Mayor of Rijeka, Croatia visited iCONM.

On Tuesday, November 14, Government officials who are members of “The Partnership Project for Global Health and Universal Health Coverage” and professors of Prince of Songkla University visited iCONM as part of the King Skyfront tour.

After introduction of iCONM by Mr. Iwasaki Deputy Director, Dr. Ueno, Deputy Principal Research Scientist (Ichiki Lab.), Dr. Sabina Quader, Senior Research Scientist (Kataoka, Kinoh Lab.) and Dr. Yuko Kariya, research support specialist took them to the lab. Tour and gave outline of the research.

【Dr. Ueno explains about clean room】

【Dr. Quader explains about cell culture room】

On Friday, November 24, six visitors including Mr. Vojko Obersnel, Mayor of Rijeka, Croatia, Chairman of Cordasev Municipal Assembly, Chief of Skarpa Tourism Bureau.

This year 2017 is the year of the 40th anniversary of Rijeka City and Kawasaki City's sister city affiliation, it was a visit as part of the commemoration projects, and the research outline was introduced by Dr. Kataoka, Director General of iCONM.

The Mayor of Rijeka Mr. Obersnel has a background in teaching at the Rieka University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and he was very interested in the explanation of research from Dr. Kazunori Kataoka, Director General of iCONM.

Moreover, the mayor said he would like to consider a collaboration between the Rijeka University and iCONM. In addition, he said he would like to consider the collaboration between Rijeka University and the iCONM as a result of this visit.

【iCONM Lab tour lead by Dr. Quader】

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