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RIKEN Symposium: “RIKEN/iCONM/NIMS Medical Engineering Network” was held at King Skyfront.

On Tuesday, December 12, RIKEN Symposia: “RIKEN/iCONM/NIMS Medical Engineering Network” was held at King Skyfront Life Science & Environment Research Center. The presenters of iCONM, RIKEN and NIMS were divided into sessions and gave presentations. There were almost 100 participants.

After the oral sessions, a joint session of three institutions (poster session) were held at the Center, and the latest research were introduced by each researcher. There was also a lab. tour for those who were interested, and more than 60 participants joined.

This meeting was a valuable opportunity for all of us that RIKEN and NIMS which represent Japan’s collaborative medical and engineering research gathered here at King Skyfront and presented their researches with discussion.

【Opening remarks by Prof. Kataoka】

【Poster session scene】

【Lab. Tour】

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