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【Visitors in March】On Thursday, March 1, delegations of State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation, students from Junior High School in town and Municipal Hospital Management Bureau visited iCONM.

On Thursday, March 1, Dr. Moruzzi as a leader, a delegation made up with professors of ETH etc. visited iCONM. Prof, Kataoka, Director General introduced the outline of iCONM and research contents at COINS. Afterwards, Dr. Quader, Senior Research Scientist conducted a lab. tour in the center and showed them equipment and facilities. There was an active interaction about research devices, internship students from Switzerland and collaboration during the lab. tour.

【Lab. tour by Dr. Quader】

【Greetings by the leader】

【Group photo】

On Thursday, March 8, 119 students (2nd year) from Kawasaki Junior High School attached Kawasaki High School visited King SkyFront as a field day which was a part of their carrier education.

First, Mr. Iwasaki, Vice Director of the Center explained about facilities and research contents, and afterwards, students were divided into three groups and a lab tour was conducted. During the lab. tour, researchers introduced the research contents directly using the actual research equipment in front of main laboratories and could also let the students look through a microscope. The students were eager to listen to the explanation at the research area where usually they are not allowed to enter.

In addition, during the  time of questions and answers, the students asked many questions such as the cost of treating cancers spread to bone and a treatment with nanomachines, how to become a researcher and so on. It was excellent opportunity for them to be interested in the center. We hope that students who participated today will aim to do their research at iCONM in the future.

【Outline of iCONM was given by Mr. Iwasaki】

【Introduction of Organic synthesis Dr. Mochida】

【Introduction of Human Disease Model Lab. by Ms. Kariya】

【Q & A session】

On Wednesday, March 14, a delegation of Municipal Hospital Management Bureau lead by Director of Kawasaki Hospital and Director of Ida Hospital visited iCONM. After given outline of research by Mr. Iwasaki, Vice Director, the lab. tour was conducted. The delegation was interested in a confocal laser scanning microscope and a rapid diagnostics device and had very active discussion. We expect that this visit will lead to a collaboration.

【Introduction of rapid diagnostics device】

【Lab. tour】

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