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【Visitors in July】Mr. Kajiyama, Minister of State for Special Mission of Cabinet Office, members of Yokohama city council, Ota ward council, Yokosuka city council and National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) visited iCONM.

On Monday, July 2, Mr. Kajiyama, Minister of State for Special Mission of Cabinet Office visited iCONM as a tour of characteristic projects concerning regional creation among the local governments in Kanagawa Prefecture. Mr. Iwasaki, Vice-Director outlined iCONM and COINS project followed by lab. Tour. As listening to the outline of the Electron Microscope RM, he was very interested in devices and asked many questions.

【Outline given by Mr. Iwasaki, Vice-Director】

【1F Electron Microscope RM】

【Explanation was given using the nanomachine model at the entrance area.】

On Friday, July 6, members of Yokohama city council, Ota ward council and Yokosuka city council visited iCONM as a part of their tour of major facilities of King SkyFront. Mr. Takahashi gave outline of iCONM and COINS followed by a lab. Tour. The guests were very interested in our facilities during the tour, thus it was an excellent opportunity for us to show our center to the representatives of Kawasaki Pref.

【With Dr. Kataoka, Director-General at magnet area】

【Mr. Takahashi, Assistant to Vice Director of iCONM, outlines synthesis laboratory】

【Outline of animal testing using panel】

On Tuesday, July 24, members of National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan visited iCONM. Mr. Iwasaki, Vice Director outlined iCONM and COINS project. Afterwards, Dr. Quader lead presentation session with iCONM researchers and conducted a lob. Tour. After presentation by Dr. Shang-Hsiu Hu, there were active discussions by members of both institutions.

【Presentation by Dr. Shang-Hsiu Hu】


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