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【Visitors in August】Students from Yokohama City University and a group of Merck Pharma Japan visited iCONM.

On Friday, August 10, 16 students from Yokohama City University visited iCONM as a part of their field trip. Mr. Iwasaki, Vice Director gave outline of iCONM and COINS, and explained about equipment and facilities. There were active questions and answer especially with iCONM scientist who is a graduate of Yokohama City University. We hope that this visit will be beneficial for considering their future career.

【Mr. Iwasaki explains about Animal Lab.】

【Card-type diagnosis device】

【Electron microscope room】

【At entrance】

On Friday, August 24, members (including Head of R&D headquarters in Germany) of Merck Serono态part of the German pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA visited iCONM. Mr. Iwasaki, Vice-Director outlined the center at first and then Dr. Kinoh and Dr. Miyata gave research presentation. There were active Q&A during the session. The lab. Tour was conducted to see our facilities in the end.

【Presentation by Dr. Kinoh and Dr. Miyata】

【Outline of iCONM by Mr. Iwasaki】

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