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【Visitors in October】Local Government Finance Organization, Management Review Board and the mayor of Australia Wollongong visited iCONM.

On Monday, October 19, members of the Local Government Finance Organization and the Management Review Board visited iCONM as a part of Kin SkyFront study tour. Mr. Iwasaki, Vice Director gave outline of iCONM and research contents of COINS project and conducted lab. tour showing them around the facilities and equipment. There were very lively questions and answers at each lab. The guests seemed enjoy their visit.

【Outline of iCONM and COINS by Mr. Iwasaki】

【In machinery tool room】

【Mr. Iwasaki showing the video at the entrance】

【Group photo at the entrance】

On Sunday, October 29, Mayor and city officials from the city of Wollongong, Australia's sister city of Kawasaki City, visited iCONM as part of the King Skyfront tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of our sister city. Dr. Kataoka, Director General gave presentation about iCONM and COINS.  Various questions were asked afterwards, and it was very active. Afterwards, Dr. Quader conducted lab. tour.

【Outline by Dr. Kataoka】

【Lab. tour by Dr. Quader】

【Introduction of rapid diagnostics device】

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