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【Visitors in November】Board members of Bank of Yokohama, SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research) from Sweden, Mr. Shigefumi Matsuzawa, Upper House member and his group visited iCONM.

On Thursday, November 1, the members including board members of Bank of Yokohama visited iCONM as a part of the King SkyFront study tour. Dr. Kataoka, Director General gave summary presentation of iCONM and COINS project and introduced laboratories and facility in the building.

【Greeting by Mr. Miura, Director】

【Explanation of animal room by Dr. Kataoka】

【Explanation of organic synthesis room by Dr. Kataoka】

【Group photo at the entrance】

On Thursday, November 15, the members of SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and Swedish Embassy visited iCONM. There were discussions including research on social implementation and skill acquisition as future Research Leader were held, and active question and answer. After oral presentations by both institution, participants were divided to three groups and did lab. Tour. The Swedish group were very much interested in the difference of their research institutions. We hope their visit will leads to future collaboration and useful research outcome for both countries.

【Greeting by SSF Dr.Karin】

【Presentation by Dr. Kataoka】

【Dr. Dirisara explains about laboratory】

【Group photo】

On Monday, November 26, Mr. Shigefumi Matsuzawa, a member of upper house and his group visited iCONM as a part of the King SkyFront study tour. Mr. Iwasaki, Vice Director gave outline of iCONM and COINS project and afterwards lab. tour was conducted to see the facilities in the center.

【Outline by Mr. Iwasaki】

【Explanation of electron microscope room by Mr. Iwasaki】

【Introduction of rapid diagnostics device】

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