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【Visitors in May】Mr. Watanabe, President of Kiraboshi Bank, new members of the Kawasaki City Council and members of Kihara Foundation Bio Venture Alliance visited iCONM.

On Thursday, May 9, five visitors, including Mr. Watanabe from Kiraboshi bank visited the center as part of a study tour to grasp the business of King Sky Front area.

First, Mr. Miura, Director, Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion explained about their effort to meet Kawasaki City’s expectations and Mr. Iwasaki, Deputy Director, introduced activities toward social implementation of research contents and results. During the lab. Tour, we had a question and answer session. We are pleased that they gained understanding of our center.

【Kiraboshi group photo】

【Introduction of rapid diagnostics device】

On Wednesday, May 22, 13 assembly members of Kawasaki City visited iCONM as part of their new Kawasaki assembly members’ study tour Mr. Miura, Director made a welcome speech and Mr. Iwasaki introduced the ongoing research at the center. During the lab. Tour, there was a chance to meet Dr. Kataoka, Director-General of iCONM. We were content that the visitors enjoyed the tour and deepen their understanding about the research.

【Greetings by Mr. Miura, Director】

【Group photo of new assembly members】

On Wednesday, May 22, Meeting of Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation for the Advancement of Life Sciences Bio Business Network was held at King SkyFront and 15 members visited iCONM. Mr. Iwasaki, Vice-Director, introduced our research and social implementation of its outcome. During the lab. Tour, there were question & answer session on research equipment and facilities. We are pleased that they deepen their understanding about our effort.

【VANgroup photo】

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