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【Activity Report】Mr. Iwasaki, Vice-Director gave a lecture at “International Modern Hospital Show 2019”.

“International Modern Hospital Show 2019” with the latest healthcare IT solutions was held for three days from July 17 to 19, 2019 and Mr. Iwasaki, iCONM Vice-Director gave a lecture on the theme “Make dream come true! In-body hospitals made with nanotechnology”. There were around 40 participants involved in hospitals and medicine.

In response to the questions such as “If ‘In-body hospitals’ will be realized, wouldn't the hospital be unnecessary?” or “How will the technology of ‘In-body hospitals’ be implemented in society?’, he answered that the role of hospitals will become necessary as a place to give hospitality to patients in the process of realizing ‘In-body hospitals’. Regarding social implementations, he introduced the establishment of venture companies and post COINS projects.

【Lecture by Mr. Iwasaki, Vice-Director】

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