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【Visitors in July】Participants in industrial location practical workshops, President of the Darma Persada University, Indonesia, and second-year students of Science Department, Kawasaki city Hight School for Science and Technology.

On Friday, July 5, as a study tour of the 31st Industrial Location practical workshop, 60 people in charge of attracting companies from local governments and employees from commercial and industrial organizations visited King SkyFront. Mr. Iwasaki, Deputy Director gave an overview and conducted a lab. tour. We believe they had deepen understanding of the center.


On Friday, July 12, Mr. Tri Madjoko, President and five others from the Darma Persada University, Indonesia visited CONM. Mr. Iwasaki, Deputy Director gave an overview, Dr. Quader gave the research outline and Dr. Tockary, researcher from Indonesia introduced his research at iCONM. Dr. Tockary explained in Indonesian during the lab. tour and there were active question and answer session.

【Introduction of the research】

【Lab. tour】

【Group photo】

On Tuesday, July 23, 46 second year students from Kawasaki city High School of Science and Technology visited iCONM. It has been four years since we started to accept the students in 2016 for the purpose of increasing their interest in scientific knowledge and actually for them to touch research laboratories and researchers. Mr. Iwasaki gave an overview of the research conducting at the center with humor and followed by the lab. tour. There were many active and sharp questions. Although it was a short time, we believe that the students could deepen understanding for the research.

【Overview by Mr. Iwasaki, Deputy Director】

【Question and Answer session】

【Lab. tour】

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