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King SkyFront Summer Science Event 2019!

On Thursday, August 1, “7th King SkyFront Summer Science Event” was held. Total number of 2500 parent and child joined the event and more than 250 visited iCONM.

This event mainly targets primary school students and let them have hands-on experience with fun of science. Companies and research institutions that have entered or are involved in the King Skyfront held several events

Several events that take advantage of the characteristics of each company, research institutions, or affiliated with King Skyfront were held.

This center held a seal rally with the theme of smart nanomachines, and introduced activities such as research introductions, research experiences, and conversations with foreign researchers. Events on “Clean room experience” and “What is smart nanomachines? were also conducted.

SBI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. conducted an event to observe the phenomenon of glowing red when a blue light is applied to leaves, egg shells and earthworms under the theme “Wow! Earthworm shines! Eh, humans also shine!”. NANOEGG® Research Laboratories,Inc. conducted a hands-on experiment with various scented original hand soap making under the theme “Let’s make a fun soap!”.

The children seemed to enjoy the latest science and technology. It is our great pleasure that this event could give them a valuable opportunity to touch our research once a year. Thank you for your visit.

Explanation about smart nanomachines from researchers
Observe cancer cells in the laboratory
look into the microscope and observe
Participants listen to NMR explanation with molecular model
Challenge conversation with non-Japanese researchers´╝ü
Clean room experience: Lecture
Clean room experience: Observation of precision parts manufactured in the room

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