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Disaster drill report for 2020

Usually, the entire center carried out evacuation fire extinguishing training yearly with the cooperation and advice of the Tonomachi branch office of the coastal fire department. However, this year we did mainly targeting new members to avoid new coronavirus infection, and scaled down, and a small number of training was carried out in several times during the period from October 7th to October 21st, and 50 members participated.

Although it has scaled down, the significant points "(1) Confirmation of evacuation routes and evacuation meeting places (explaining how to evacuate assuming that the fire door will close), (2) Explanation of the role of fire extinguishing equipment and confirmation of the installation location and explanation of how to use the fire extinguisher (explained for initial fire extinguishing in the unlikely event that you become the first discoverer of a fire) "so that you can respond quickly in the event of a disaster. Above were confirmed by all participants.

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