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As a new initiative of iCONM, we held an exchange event between foreign research scientists and administrative staff.

11/9 (Mon.) An exchange event (Administrative staff x foreign research scientists, Japanese x English) was held in zoom between foreign research scientist working at iCONM and Japanese administrative staff. It was the first attempt of a joint project by the iCONM management office and the COINS research promotion office aiming activating inner communication.
At the event, Dr. Saed Abbasi, a JSPS Foreign Research Fellow, introduced olive oil, which is a specialty of Jordan in English.

After Dr, Abbasi’s talk, questions and impressions were exchanged in both Japanese and English. It was a short event but fun. We hope this event marks opportunity that exchanges is getting more active beyond the language and occupation.

We would like to continue and foster the event so that more scientists and iCONM-related companies can participate in the event, instead of one-time only.

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