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【Visitors in August】Four members from “Kawasaki City Children’s Council” visited iCONM.

On Tuesday, August 3, four members from “Kawasaki City Children’s Council” visited iCONM.
"Kawasaki City Children’s Council" is an activity for children from the 4th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of high school to improve Kawasaki City with their own power. This time, the visitors were four members of “Kawappy” which works for making people of Kawasaki happier. To begin with, Mr. Iwasaki, Vice Director explained the research outline and conducted a lab. Tour. They also interviewed Dr. Abbasi Saed about future goal. Dr. Abbasi Saed answered that he is enjoying the research with vision, not a goal and it is important to work with open mind. In addition, there were many questions from the student's point of view, such as the unique characteristics of iCONM, whether you are not nervous when using expensive research equipment, and which language you work in and it was a very meaningful time.
We hope that this visit will give them an interest in our center and further promote regional exchanges.

【Mr. Iwasaki, Vice Director, Dr. Abbasi Saed’s interview scene】

【Group photo with participating members】

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