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1st iCONM / Industry-Academia Collaborative Seminar with NanoCarrier

On September 2, #1 iCONM / Industry-Academia Collaborative Seminar was held on-line for iCONM members. This is an internal event responding to the needs of everyone to get together since the communication between the scientists from companies, universities, research support members and management office staff are getting weaker nowadays.

For the first memorable seminar, we invited Dr. Toshifumi Inada, the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, who was introduced by NanoCarrier Co., Ltd. He gave a lecture under the title of "Physiological Functions of Abnormal Translation Sensing and Elimination Mechanisms". If some abnormality occurs with the translation of mRNA into protein, it might cause a great damage to the living body, however, recently, it is revealing that living organisms are equipped with various quality control mechanisms that detect and eliminate them. Dr. Toshifumi Inada explained, focusing on his own work, the cutting-edge research on the complicated mechanism in an easy-to-understand manner.

We could understand that such cutting-edge basic research led to the R&D of mRNA drugs. After the lecture, lively questions were asked from various perspectives. Taking advantage of these opportunities, we hope to activate the internal exchanges within iCONM that lead to innovation.

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【Proffesor Toshifumi Inada】

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