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Towards realizing an all-purpose nanomedicine

Nanomedicine is already offering practical solutions to a wide range of diseases such as cancer, inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases, and even the current COVID-19 crisis. As a next step, we envision creating an all-purpose nanomedicine platform that can load almost any type of therapeutics - any small molecule drugs, genetic materials, antibodies, etc. We also aim to add GPS function to the nanomedicine for effective navigation inside the body. By simply changing the GPS code, we can control the destination of nanomedicines. And thus, we can direct nanomedicines to a specific organ, tissue, cells, or disease site.

Additionally, an auto off-loading function can also be installed that will take the cue from the target side. For example, a cancer-targeted nanomedicine would off-load drug spontaneously only after reaching the malignant site. The GPS code or auto off-loading function can be add-on options, keeping the primary nanomedicine similar. This way, we can use the same nanomedicine platform for various diseases by simply shuffling the add-on options. More importantly, the clinical translation process would be quicker as the base nanocarrier remains the same.

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