Theofilus A. Tockary

Theofilus A. Tockary


Kataoka & Kinoh Lab

Job title

Research Scientist


Ph.D in Materials Engineering

Other affiliation

Visiting Researcher at The University of Tokyo



Research contents (Research key words)

Research contents

My general research interest is in the application of physical concepts to address various medical challenges. Currently, I am focusing on the construction of polymeric assemblies to promote the delivery of therapeutic genes into tumor sites and the brain.

Research key words

Polymer physics, Gene therapy, Tumors, Brain


  • 2015-present

    Research Scientist, ICONM

  • 2013-2015

    Post-doctoral Researcher, The University of Tokyo

  • 2010-2013

    Ph.D in Engineering, The University of Tokyo

  • 2008-2010

    M.Sc. in Engineering, The University of Tokyo

  • 2001-2005

    B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Indonesia

Social affiliation

  • The Society of Polymer Science, Japan


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  • Kataoka, K.; Osada, K.; Tockary, T.A. 核酸内包高分子ミセル複合体及びその製造方法 (Preparation method of nucleic acid encapsulated polyplex micelle complex) (Patent code: P130009882)