Yang, Tao

Yang, Tao


Kataoka & Kinoh Lab

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Research Scientist


Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics

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Research contents (Research key words)

Clinically potential proteins such as human serum albumin and transferrin are explored as single-molecule nanoreactors for synthesizing cancer-targeted nanoparticles with well-defined nanostructure in several nanometers. This synthesis is accomplished within hollow protein nanocages through controlled biomineralization growth. These cancer-targeted protein nanoparticles are able to achieve multimodal imaging with complementary characteristics, and potent cancer therapy.

  1. Protein nanorobots for magnetic resonance imaging
  2. Protein nanoparticles for cancer theranostics

Protein nanoreactor; Blood-brain barrier (BBB); Multi-modal imaging; Phototherapy; Immunotherapy


  • 2018-Present

    Postdoctor, Innovation Center of NanoMedicine, Kawasaki, Japan

  • 2018

    Ph. D. in Pharmaceutics Science, Soochow University

  • 2015

    M. Sc. in Pharmaceutical Science, Soochow University

  • 2013

    B. Sc. in Pharmaceutical Science, Soochow University


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