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No. Date Headline, title Institution(s)
  1.20.2020 How to keep boron inside cells during radiotherapy: a simple novel approach to cancer treatment Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyoto University, iCONM, STELLA PHARMA CORPORATION
  12.2.2019 Information on the 6th COINS Symposium “King SkyFront Bridges the World” iCONM
  11.7.2019 Information on the academic luncheon seminar
“Make a dream: Development and Social Implementation of Nanomachines that Break the BBB”
iCONM、Braizon Therapeutics, Inc.
  10.24.2019 The University of Tokyo develops an exosome array chip that enables single nanoparticle measurement The University of Tokyo
  10.23.2019 A novel technology has been developed to convert the double helix structure of DNA into a single strand of DNA (ssDNA), roll it into a compact form, and encapsulate it inside a smart nanomachine iCONM, National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
  8.20.2019 AccuRna signs Feasibility Study Agreement with
Astellas Innovation Management LLC
  7.4.2019 Enhancement of Motor Function Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury in Mice by Delivery of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor mRNA iCONM、Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  6.28.2019 Nanomachines that carry nucleic acid drug for the fundamental treatment of hereditary intractable disease.
Launch crowdfunding for R&D and disease enlightenment
iCONM、academist, inc.
  4.23.2019 Developing a nanomachine which associates with nucleic acid pharmaceuticals in a rendezvous like manner in vivo to target brain tumors iCONM, The University of Tokyo