Social implement Laboratories

AccuRna, Inc.

At this laboratory, AccuRna is conducting R&D on the two DDSs below:

DDS for short chain nucleic acids

AccuRna’s DDS stabilizes short chain nucleic acids with electrostatic interaction, unlike conventional LNPs.  The size of the complex is 18nm, which is the minimum ever reported.

These features lead to improvement for retention of short chain nucleic acids in blood and the selective accumulation into tumor (not liver) which were demonstrated in tumor-bearing mice model.

DDS for long chain nucleic acids

AccuRna has been developing a micelle-type DDS for long chain nucleic acids.  This technology also differs from LNPs in that our DDS does not promote the accumulation in liver and increases the stability of mRNA in body.

This will enable innovative therapies where mRNA is applied as drug in the future.