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Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) made a site visit at iCONM.

On Wednesday, June 7, the site visit was carried out at Tonomachi area "Program of Promotion of Research on the World-Leading Regional Research and Development / Research Complex by the candidate for the Special Scientific Committee of the National Institute of Science and Technology (JST) and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Dr. Takanori Ichiki, principal research scientist (Professor, The University of Tokyo) explained the outline of the center and the research contents. He also took them to the lab. tour afterwords.

In this program, the "Wellbeing Research Campus Tonomachi "proposed by Keio University as a core institution in September, 28 adopted," Innovation of world-class social systems and technologies creates new industry "includes Kawasaki Industrial Promotion. Research is proceeding at iCONM with Dr. Takanori Ichiki, principal research scientist as the leader.

【Outline of iCONM was given by Dr. Ichiki, principal research scientist】

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