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A fire drill was carried out at iCONM

On Friday, November 24, the fire drill was held jointly with the Rinkai fire department Tonomachi branch and 74 members participated from the iCONM. The drill was held based on a scenario of a fire occurred in a laboratory on 2nd floor and rescue people who failed to escape from 4th floor with fire ladder. Immediately we set up disaster headquarters outside the center, we initially extinguished fire, and in addition to reporting to the fire department, we evacuated to the disaster headquarters promptly following the person in charge of evacuation.

"The rescue operation by a fire ladder" that was the first trial this time was a good experience of calling up the image of the rescue scene in the actual fire. Afterwards, safety confirmation of all the iCONM members was completed and the fire drill was finished with the release of the high alert. After that, under the leadership of the Rinkai fire department branch, we conducted an initial fire extinguishing training with a fire extinguisher.

In the end, Prof. Kataoka Director General of iCONM, gave feed back that he had an impression that with the occurrence of the fire, we were able to evacuate safely with quick action, which is a sign of everyday consciousness. he would like to carry out the drills and prepare enough not only for the fire but also for natural disasters on a daily basis. This fire drill was an excellent opportunity for the members to reconfirm attitude and action for emergency.

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