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King SkyFront Summer Science Event 2018 was held!

On Wednesday, August 1, the 6th King SkyFront Summer Science Event was held and there were 2,500 visitors all together including 500 visitors to iCONM.

This event was mainly targeting elementary students and we tried to let them experience the fun of science. Companies and research institutions those related King SkyFront organized many fun events taking advantages of characteristics of each. The iCONM held a seal rally with the theme of “Smart Nanomachines” and conducted activities such as research introduction, research experience, conversation with foreign researchers: "What is Smart Nanomachines? Let's become a researcher and experiment!", and also “Clean room experience”. SBI Pharma Co., Ltd. held an event called "Why is it gleaming red? (Eh ~ earthworm!)" watching the phenomenon of red light when placing blue light on leaves, egg shells and earthworms. Nanoegg Research Laboratories, Inc. conducted colorful and various form of original Iukura making experience called "Create an artificial Ikura"!

Also, Nikon Co., Ltd. offered opportunities to use various types of microscope experiences and binoculars experiences as last year. Especially in the microscope experience, with the support of OB who have been engaged in the development of many microscopes, it was an excellent opportunity to know more about the world of microscopes that cannot be leaned at school and the long queue were never interrupted.

The children seemed to enjoy the cutting-edge science and technology and we were delighted that we could give them a valuable opportunity to have hands-on experience of research at iCONM.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for coming to the event.

Listen to outline of Nanomachines
Organic synthesis room
Research experience①: Observe cancer cells
Research experience②: Mix drugs
Research experience③: Study NMR
Interaction with foreign researchers
Clean room experience: Lecture
Clean room experience: Observe precision parts created
SBI Pharma: Observe red gleaming earthworm
Nanoegg: Challenge ikura making
Nikon: Microscope corner
Nikon: Binoculars corner

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