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【Visitors in November】Principals Association of Kanagawa Prefectural Senior High School and participants of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan–German Young Professional Exchange Program visited King SkyFront.

Friday, November 8, 15 principals of Kanagawa municipal high school (Kawasaki City, Yokohama City and Yokosuka City) visited King SkyFront. Mr. Iwasaki, Vice-Director of iCONM gave summary of the center and research contents and conducted a lab. tour. There were active questions and answer session during the lab. tour and they could deepen their understanding of the center and the visit provided the opportunity for further regional exchange in the future.

【Lab. Tour】

【Lab. Tour】

Thursday, November 28, young scientists who were visiting Japan with “Japan-Germany Young Professional Exchange Program” visited iCONM. Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites young experts from Germany with the aim of building cooperative relations and promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Germany, which play a leading role in the scientific field. This year, the program was implemented under the theme of "Biology (especially cancer and Alzheimer's)". At this center, Dr. Kazunori Kataoka, Director General introduced the research conducted in COINS and Dr. Anraku, Yasutaka, visiting scientist and Dr. Satoshi Uchida, visiting scientist introduced the summary of its research contents. Additionally, a lab tour and discussion were held with the scientists of this center, and there was a fruitful discussion including the perspective of conducting research at clinical sites in Germany by the German scientists. We hope that this exchange will lead to our future research development.

【Explanation of research contents from Anraku visiting researcher】

【Group photo】

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