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An Inner-Communication Event was held using a Web Conference System

At iCONM, in principle, all researchers and staffs are instructed to work from home as part of measures to prevent new coronavirus infections. Although the minimum work is somehow surpassed by the web-conferencing system and e-mail, thin communication is inevitable.

As a solution, we are considering an inner-communication event using a web-conferencing system, and held a trial “iCONM Tea Party” on April 22 by volunteers.

For the foreign researchers to join the party, we arranged 4 virtual meeting rooms, of which one was dedicated for English speakers only. Their fears of being in special circumstances in a foreign land are unimaginable, but their talk of trying to grasp the current situation in a positive way has given us a lot of energy. Some ones were studying Japanese using this opportunity and tried to use it in the Japanese rooms. Japanese researchers and staffs have also regained the feeling of being in a diverse work environment by communicating while looking at each other's faces. After a long reunion, the talk never ended, and the participants seemed to realize the planned hour passed in one minute.

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