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Dr. Saed Abbasi gave a delivery class at a high school in Kawasaki City

January 22, 2021: Dr. Saed Abbasi, one of the foreign researchers working at iCONM, gave a delivery class at Tama High School in Kawasaki. The school has been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and offers more advanced science education. In the 60-minute full-length English class, he talked about his country of origin, Jordan, about the efficacy/safety balance of medicines and about mRNA drugs. It even covered advanced stories such as genome editing, which was the subject of the Chemistry Award of the Nobel Prize 2020. Even in the 30-minute question and answer session, "My grandfather died by cancer. Does it mean I will also get cancer?", "Why does the anaphylactic shock of the mRNA vaccine occur?", "Genome editing is allowed up to what percentage of the original gene?”, and “Why is the mRNA that plays an important role so unstable?". Dr. Abbasi was so impressed by such advanced level of questions in English made by high school students.

"I assume that some students thought it would be difficult to listen to the long lecture in English, but many students seemed to have positive impressions such as <fun> and <very helpful> eventually. Some students are trying to become research scientists, so I think it was a very good stimulus for them" said by Mr. Yasumasa Ohtake who is the English teacher of Tama High School and in charge of this class.

One student questioned to Abbasi, "I want to be a researcher in the future. It will be highly appreciated if you can give me some words as an active scientist working in the next era". He gave an impressive answer. "I suggest you to meet a variety type of people with different specialties and cultures as much as possible. And obtain diversified ideas to assemble your own idea”

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