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Nano-micelle Packaging CRISPR/Cas9 Components Enables Brain Genome Editing

The research group of Deputy Principal Research Scientist Dr. Satoshi Uchida (Associate Professor, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine) at the Innovation Center of NanoMedicine reported that optimized nano-micelles can induce efficient genome editing in the mouse brain. A press seminar was held.

The contents of this research were published in Journal of Controlled Release (IF = 7.727).

At the press seminar held online on Wednesday, March 10, Dr. Kazunori Kataoka, Director General, Innovation Center of NanoMedicine, Dr. Satoshi Uchida, Deputy Principal Research Scientist, Itaka Lab., Innovation Center of NanoMedicine, Dr. Saed Abbasi, Research Scientist, Kataoka/Kinoh Lab., Innovation Center of NanoMedicine took the rostrum, and there were the deep, enthusiastic and passionate discussions with journalists in science section, the general paper and biotech journals.

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【Kazunori Kataoka, Director General, iCONM】

【Satoshi Uchida, Deputy Principal Research Scientist, iCONM】

【Saed Abbasi, Research Scientist, iCONM】

【Web conference room】

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