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On Saturday, March 27 1st iCONM Public Lecture was held.

The 1st iCONM Public Lecture was held on Saturday, March 27, 2021 on zoom webinar. The title was “What is nanomedicine?” The public viewing was organized at the Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall at the same time, and more than 270 people, mainly Kawasaki citizens and companies, including junior and senior high school students, applied for participation in advance.

The course was divided into three parts. In the first part, Director General of iCONM, Dr. Kazunori Kataoka introduced the "Smart life care society" and "In-Body Hospitals" which iCONM is aiming for under the title of "Who is the drug carrier?" After that, while answering questions such as "Why medicine doesn’t work sometimes?" and "Why nanos do not eliminate side effects?", He gave a lecture on the function of "nanomachines" to solve these problems and the latest treatment methods using nanomachines.

In the second part, Research Scientist, Dr. Saed Abashi explained what it means to get sick and what it means to be cured. He talked about the mechanism and potential of nucleic acid drugs as a way to cure the disease from the root, along with a commentary on the genome editing technology Crisper Casnine (CRISPR / Cas9), which won the Nobel Prize last year.

In the third part, Deputy Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Satoshi Uchida, who has been appearing on TV lately, talked about “vaccines” which people have increasing interest due to the spread of the new coronavirus under the title of "By the way, what about vaccines?" He explained in an easy-to-understand manner the topics that are of increasing general interest, such as how the vaccine works, how to proceed with its clinical development, and vaccine development for the new Coronavirus, etc.

In response to the question to the participants, such as "Do you want to get a vaccine against the new Coronavirus?", there was also a result that the number of respondents who answered "I want to" increased from 60% to 80% before and after the lecture. We could see that the participants were deeply interested in nanomedicine as there were so many questions from the participants such as "How to make an invisible nanomachine," "What are the benefits of putting a vaccine in micelles," "How is the drug in micelles released in the body," and "Can unknown viruses correspond with mRNA vaccine?"

It was iCONM's first public lecture, but while preparing materials without using technical words for people of various occupations and generations to understand iCONM's research, we discovered various things that we didn’t notice before, and it was a very valuable opportunity for us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated. The next public lecture will be held on Saturday, May 29. We will inform you on our homepage once the details are fixed.

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Part 1:"Who is the drug carrier?"

【Kazunori KATAOKA, Director General/Laboratory Head】
Part 2:"What is the cause of illness?" 

【Saed Abbasi, Research Scientist】
Part 3:"By the way, what about vaccines?"

【Satoshi UCHIDA, Deputy Principal Research Scientist】

【Top left:MC Mami SATAKE/Top right:Saed Abbasi, Research Scientist/Lower left:Kazunori KATAOKA, Director General/Laboratory Head/Lower right:Satoshi UCHIDA, Deputy Principal Research Scientist】

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