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Emergency Drill 2021 Report

Unfortunately, the emergency drill was held under the ongoing COVID-19 as last year.
In order to avoid transmission of infection, it was not a full participation style, it was held as a “Special drill” with a small number of people in a small scale for eight times from October 13 to October 22 and 51 people participated.

The drill took place only about 30 minutes but was carried out focusing on the next points.

  1. Prompt evacuation method
  2. Minimum knowledge and usage of fire extinguishing facility for initial fire extinguishing

Regarding 1, we confirmed the evacuation route that we don’t normally recognize when the fire door is closed (different dimension experience).
Regarding 2, in the case of a small-scale fire that the first discoverer judged to be easy to extinguish, if the fire cannot be extinguished after the initial fire is extinguished, or if the scale is larger, we confirmed that we should evacuate as soon as possible (Leave it to the fire station).
Furthermore, we confirmed that we must evacuate promptly for the quick fire extinguishing activities of the fire station.

The participants this time were newly comers at the iCONM and those who were wanted to join the drill. Although it was a short time, everyone enthusiastically participated in the drill seriously. We hope that next year, the COVID-19 will calm down and we will be able to carry out usual emergency drill as before.

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