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An iCONM’s Researcher Gave A Lecture to More than 800 Indian University Students

Dr. Anjaneyulu Dirisala (Anjel), who is a postdoctoral researcher of iCONM gave an online-lecture on July 24, 2020 to the undergraduate and graduate students, majoring biochemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sciences at KL University in India. The lecture title was “Overcoming Liver Scavenger Cell Capture for Retargeting Nanomedicines”. Anjel presented that various molecules are working to maintain the homeostasis of life, and the disorder of the mechanism makes people sick, and nanomedicine is indispensable to restore it. As a more recent topic, he talked about the content of his paper published in Science Advances in this June on the development of liver sinusoidal coating agents.

“I was very pleased to be able to lecture the students studying at a university in a distant home country about my abroad life in Japan and my research at iCONM using a webinar system. I hope as many Indian students as possible have the opportunity to study in Japan like me," said Anjel. More than 800 students who attended the lecture were impressed by the concept of "in-body hospitalâ" and Anjel's hot talk, and the name of iCONM became famous in the KL University.

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