Talents grew up in iCONM

A series of “Talents grew up in iCONM”

Open innovation research facilities such as iCONM create innovations based on the highly diversified organization and promote the growth of people through cross-cultural exchange, nurturing people with a broad perspective and integrated expertise. In this series, some of such examples will be introduced.

  • New!#4 (posted September 7, 2022)

    Graduation: Imperial College London (UK)
    Present: Junior Leader Research Fellow, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)

  • #3 (posted August 16, 2022)

    Graduation:University of Science and Technology of China (China)
    Present: Tanaka Lab. Soft Materials Chemistry
    Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering (IMCE)
    Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering

  • #2 (posted August 9,2022) 

    Graduation:Hokkaido University (Japan)
    Present: The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

  • #1 (posted July 29, 2022)

    Graduation:Ghent University (Belgium)
    Present: Leiden University (Holland)