Transportation from Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) to Kawasaki Nikko Hotel

1, Nisshin-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210-0024, Japan. Tel: +81-44-244-5941

Transportation from Narita International Airport to Kawasaki Nikko Hotel

Please take JR Narita Express Line to Shinagawa station. From Shinagawa station, you will take JR Tokaido Line (platform 12) to JR Kawasaki station. It takes app. 8 minutes.  It takes all together minimum time of 1h and 20 minutes. It costs 3,190 yen (Narita Express) + 220 yen ( JR Tokaido Line).

There are JR Narita Express ticket gates on the 1st basement floor in both Terminals 1 and 2. JR station names at respective terminals are as follows:

How to get to Kawasaki Nikko Hotel

How to get to Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall

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How to get to Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall



Poster session:Exhibition Hall A·B·C, 4th Fl.
Reception:Exhibition A·B·C, 4th Fl.
Speakers’ Lounge:10th Conference Room