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No. Date Journal Title 著者 備考
  2023/1/31 Journal of Nanobiotechnology Peripheral administration of nanomicelle-encapsulated anti-Aβ oligomer fragment antibody reduces various toxic Aβ species in the brain
in press
  2023/1/23 Science and Technology of Advanced Materials Block catiomers with flanking hydrolyzable tyrosinate groups enhance in vivo mRNA delivery via π–π stacking-assisted micellar assembly
H. Cabral in press
  2023/1/7 Pharmaceutics Development of Synthetic mRNAs Encoding Split Cytotoxic Proteins for Selective Cell Elimination Based on Specific Protein Detection
Itaka Vol. 15 (1), 213 (2023)
  2023/1/6 Onco Regulation of Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition Pathway and Artificial Intelligence-Based Modeling for Pathway Activity Prediction
Vol. 3 (1), 13-25 (2023)
  2023/1/2 Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Abnormal Glycosylation in Cancer Cells and Cancer Stem Cells as a Therapeutic Target
Vol. 1393, 141-156 (2022)
  2022/12/27 Drug Discovery Today Recent trends in interorganizational deal networks in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
Sengoku Vol. 28 (3), 103483 (2023)
  2022/12/24 Biomaterials Polymeric ligands comprising sulfur-containing amino acids for targeting tumor-associated amino acid transporters
Nishiyama Vol. 293, 121987 (2022)
  2022/12/21 J. Controlled Release Translational nanomedicine potentiates immunotherapy in sarcoma by normalizing the microenvironment
Kinoh Vol. 353, 956-954 (2022)
  2022/12/16 gels Decoupling between Translational Diffusion and Viscoelasticity in Transient Networks with Controlled Network Connectivity
Miyata V0l. 8 (12), 830 (2022)
  2022/11/22 ACS Nano Publishing Translational Research of Nanomedicine in ACS Nano
Kataoka Vol. 16 (11), 17479-17481
  2022/11/22 Nature Communications Polymeric micelles effectively reprogram the tumor microenvironment to potentiate nano-immunotherapy in mouse breast cancer models
Vol. 13, 7165 (2022)
  2022/11/8 iScience Urinary extracellular vesicles signature for diagnosis of kidney disease
Ichiki Vol. 25 (11), 105416 (2022)
  2022/11/7 Cancer Science Polymeric Iron Chelators for Enhancing 5-Aminolevulinic Acid-Induced Photodynamic Therapy
Nishiyama in press
  2022/11/1 ACS Applied Biomaterials Rose Bengal Decorated NaYF4:Tb Nanoparticles for Low Dose X-ray-Induced Photodynamic Therapy in Cancer Cells
Miyata Vol. 5 (11), 5477-5486 (2022)
  2022/10/28 Pharmaceutical Research Thermo-Responsive Polymer-siRNA Conjugates Enabling Artificial Control of Gene Silencing around Body Temperature
Nishiyama in press
  2022/10/17 Polymer Effects of physico-chemical treatments on PLGA 50:50 electrospun nanofibers
Ichiki Vol. 261, 125400 (2022)
  2022/9/27 ACS Nano What Do We Mean When We Say Nanomedicine?
Kataoka Vol. 16 (9), 13257-13259 (2022)
  2022/9/22 IOP Science / Applied Physics Express Experimental and numerical studies of deformation of truncated-cone-shaped poly(L-lactic acid) microneedle during insertion
Ichiki Vol. 15 (10), 106503 (2022)
  2022/9/21 "Messenger RNA Therapeutics" RNA/Polymer-Based Supramolecular Approaches for mRNA Delivery
S. Uchida
H. Cabral
pp 337 - 354 (2022)
  2022/9/18 "Bionanotechnology in Cancer" Nanomaterials in Chemotherapy
A. Dirisala pp 66 (2022)
  2022/9/3 Polymers Bioresponsive Polymers for Nanomedicine—Expectations and Reality!
S. Quader
J. Van-Guyse
Vol. 14, 3659 (2022)
  2022/9/1 Cancer Science Cancerous pH-responsive Polycarboxybetaine-coated Lipid Nanoparticle for Smart Delivery of siRNA against Subcutaneous Tumor Model in Mice
Nishiyama in press
  2022/8/26 Pharmaceutics Anti-Inflammatory Therapy for Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis Using mRNA Medicine Encoding Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist
Itaka Vol. 14 (9), 1785 (2022)
  2022/8/19 Biomaterials Nanocarriers escaping from hyperacidified endo/lysosomes in cancer cells allow tumor-targeted intracellular delivery of antibodies to therapeutically inhibit c-MYC
Cabral Vol. 288, 121748 (2022)
  2022/8/15 Pharmaceutics New Advances in Biomedical Application of Polymeric Micelles
Cabral Vol. 14 (8), 1700 (2022).
  2022/8/9 ACS Nano A Hoechst Reporter Enables Visualization of Drug Engagement In Vitro and In Vivo: Toward Safe and Effective Nanodrug Delivery
Cabral Vol. 16 (8), 12290-12304 (2022)
  2022/8/5 FASEB Systemic single administration of anti-inflammatory microRNA 146a-5p loaded in polymeric nanomedicines with active targetability attenuates neointimal hyperplasia by controlling inflammation in injured arteries in a rat model
Miyata Vol. 39 (9), e22486 (2022)
  2022/6/15 Cancer Research Superior effects of polymeric micelles in reprogramming tumor microenvironment and enhancing nano-immunotherapy
Cabral Vol. 82, 6381 (2022).
  2022/6/15 Cancer Research pH-activatable IL-12-loaded polymeric micelles safely enhance antitumor efficacy as monotherapy and in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors
Cabral Vol. 82, 2072 (2022).
  2022/6/15 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Effect of PEGylation on the Drug Release Performance and Hemocompatibility of Photoresponsive Drug-Loading Platform
Anraku Vol. 23 (12), 6686 (2022).
  2022/6/14 Cancer Science Antitumoral RNA-targeted oligonucleotide therapeutics: the third pillar after small molecule inhibitors and antibodies
Taniguchi in press
  2022/6/6 Pharmaceutics Polymeric Micelles with pH-Responsive Cross-Linked Core Enhance In Vivo mRNA Delivery
Cabral Vol. 14 (6), 1205 (2022)
  2022/5/28 J. Controlled Release Size-tunable PEG-grafted copolymers as a polymeric nanoruler for passive targeting muscle tissues
Miyata Vol. 347 (7), 607-614 (2022).
  2022/5/23 Free Radical Biology and Medicine Halofuginone micelle nanoparticles eradicate Nrf2-activated lung adenocarcinoma without systemic toxicity
Miyata Vol. 187 (7), 92-104 (2022)
  2022/5/1 Medchem News(日本薬学会医薬品化学部会誌) 次世代mRNA医薬の開発に向けた高分子設計
Uchida 2022 年 32 巻 2 号 p. 77-80
  2022/5/1 Journal of Controlled Release Changeable net charge on nanoparticles facilitates intratumor accumulation and penetration
Nishiyama Vol. 346 (6), 392-404 (2022).
  2022/4/25 Drug Delivery System 「不」に応える:mRNAワクチン/医薬のデリバリー
Uchida 2022 年 37 巻 1 号 p. 25-34
  2022/4/7 Pharmaceutics Delivery Systems of Plasmid DNA and Messenger RNA for Advanced Therapies
Uchida 2022 年 14 巻 4 号 p. 810
  2022/3/31 Chemical Communications Stabilization of bicelles using metal-binding peptide for extended blood circulation
Anraku Vol. 58, 5164-5167 (2022).
  2022/3/31 Journal of Controlled Release Targeted nanomedicine in cisplatin-based cancer therapeutics
Kataoka Vol. 345 (5), 709-720 (2022).