About iCONM

Facility Outline

General Overview

Building Titles Innovation Center of NanoMedicine
Location 3-25-14 Tono-machi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City
Principle Purpose Research Facilities

Facility Outline

Located in KING SKYFRONT, Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM) is a core center in the field of Life Science, a pioneering facility that was created at the request of Kawasaki City and operated by the KAWASAKI INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PROMOTION utilizing government policy.

iCONM is a facility that gathers industry, academia and government under one roof, in a system that fuses a range of fields that works toward the implementation of innovative research and its achievements.

Building Outline

Site area 7,999.99m2
Total Floor space 9,444.04m2
Number of stories 4 stories above the ground (19.69m H.)
Number of Parking Vehicles 36

*Designed to accommodate 200 research associates

Primary Facilities

  • Microfabrication(Incl. Clean room)
  • Synthesis Laboratory
  • Human Diseases Model Laboratory

Communal Spaces

  • Magnet Area
  • 1st Floor Entrance Lobby (Atrium)
  • 4th Floor Observatory Lobby

Conference Room

Size Number of rooms
Large Conference Room (seating capacity 18) 2
Medium Conference Room (seating capacity 12)               3
Small Conference Room (seating capacity 6) 1
Japanese Style Conference Room (seating capacity 6) 1
Reception Room (seating capacity 4) 1