About iCONM

iCONM’s Vision

iCONM aims to:

◆Become the hub of Keihin-area Health Kombinat;
◆Be the civic pride of Kawasaki;
◆Continuously create new medical technology realizing human dream;
◆Become the world’s most innovative research center.


iCONM strives to improve the cure rate for the global threat of refractory diseases, in order to realize a Smart Life Care Society where people from across the globe can autonomously achieve good health.

  • To relieve the burden of medical care on patients and society.
  • To join hands with universities and businesses, both domestically and internationally, in tackling this task.
  • To create a social system that continues to foster innovation.
  • To form a community that brings together iCONM, the region and its citizens.
  • To boost the earliest social implementation of cutting-edge techniques and technology.

Our Logo

The「O」design depicts a nanomicelle, and the gradation of color towards its center is a symbol of「Infinite Possibilities」and「A Leap Towards the Future」.
The colors black and water blue represent「Honesty」and「Transparency」.

-Logo Creator-

Takenori Urushibara(Gloria Arts Co. Ltd.)