iCONM Laboratories

Ichiki Lab

Research Outline

We are developing the devices and systems to contribute to improvement of the quality of life by integrating nano/micro fabrication technology and biotechnology.

We are now focusing on the development of rapid diagnostics device for early stage cancers and the system for creation of functional biomolecules.

We are working toward practical use of these products by close collaboration with makers.


Name Job title
Ichiki, Takanori Laboratory Head/Principal Research Scientist
Ueno, Shingo Deputy Principal Research Scientist
Shiono, Hirofumi Senior Research Scientist (The University of Tokyo)
Sato, Shusuke  Research Scientist
Toshioka, Fumi Research Support Coordinator
Iizuka, Ryo Visiting Scientist (The University of Tokyo)
Kuramochi, Hiromi Visiting Scientist (The University of Tokyo)
Okubo, Kyohei Visiting Scientist (Tokyo University of Science)
RAHMAN, Tanzilur Visiting Scientist (The University of Tokyo)
Takehara, Hiroaki  Visiting Scientist (The University of Tokyo)
Fukuda, Hiroaki Trainee (The University of Tokyo)
Kanda, Yukihiro Trainee (The University of Tokyo)
Khan, Afraz Trainee (The University of Tokyo)
Koyagura, Sylvan Sunny Trainee (The University of Tokyo)
Naito, Kota Trainee (The University of Tokyo)
Saito, Soya Trainee (The University of Tokyo)